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Dormiveglia is a 2D indie metroidvania developed by Round Cartridge, with a focus on puzzles and narrative.

The journey begins from Spring Plaza, a peaceful village on the north of Elysium, one day Quinn is woken up by an inhabitant and asked to help them deal with the Sorceress Somnia who has suddenly invaded the Plaza for mysterious reasons...

Quinn is one of the Four Heroes, individuals set to watch over the four towns at the corners of Elysium. Each town is named after a season and have a key monument that characterises them; From Spring Plaza's immense Clocktower, to the impressive Battle Arena in Winter Arena as well as the Gong in Summer Crevasse and the Radio Tower in Autumn City.

The journey will task Quinn with searching for four ancient Runes before Somnia and her Nightcrawlers get to them first, allowing her to cast a powerful spell that would put the entirety of the world into an eternal slumber.

Along the way Quinn will tag along with the other three Heroes and explore the many fantastical and dreamlike areas of the world like Dawning Islands, Midnight Mines, Noon Nests and Twilight Tundra, each explorable area hosting a dungeon to conquer and more pieces of the mystery to piece togheter...

With their trusty whip, Quinn can do all sorts of actions to traverse the environment and solve puzzles! Lasso enemies and throw them, carry things, push, pull, grab and drag, whip and break. Study your environment carefully and use your moveset accordingly to proceed!


Dormiveglia started in 2019 with the development of its first demo, sent to SAGE 2020 and showcasing an early look at the gameplay of Dormiveglia, nowadays the team is very busy working on the brand new demo that is more representative of what the game truly is with its visuals and polished gameplay, demo coming in early september 2022!


  • Beautifully crafted 2D sprites and art that accentuates Elysium’s dreamy and surreal nature.
  • An original soundtrack made by two dedicated musicians.
  • A unique story with a diverse cast of friends and foes to encounter and twists along your quest around Elysium.
  • Precise rope-swinging tied with speedrun-friendly mechanics that let you zoom across the screen!
  • Intuitive and tight controls inspired by older Metroidvania games that provide simple, yet challenging combat and platforming.
  • Secrets hidden throughout and lots of whips – all with differing abilities and attributes for Quinn to wield.
  • Talk among the people living in each town and learn more about the hidden history (and lore!) of Elysium – or get some hints on where to go next.
  • 5 playable chapters, each focusing on a major village.
  • A plethora of bosses who stand in your way, all for you to conquer.
  • Grapes! Delicious and keeps Quinn healthy!


Dormiveglia New Graphics and Engine Reveal YouTube

Dormiveglia 2022 DEMO trailer YouTube


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  • "Phenomenal animation, phenomenal music, and the gameplay... is very good." -Vinesauce
  • "The pixel art animation is excellent, the setting feels very unique and the whip mechanics are a lot of fun. Well worth checking out for a bit of retro action platforming fun." -Alpha Beta Gamer
  • "I'm really impressed by the way that they're able to use just [whipping and lassoing] to create some pretty varied gameplay. Also I love a game that's easy to learn and hard to master - and this definitely falls in that category." -OddDogGaming

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Download the game's latest demo!

About Round Cartridge

Round Cartridge is a small indie studio founded in 2019 by Italian indie developer Darkonius Mavakar. We aim to create polished and immersive experiences where narrative and gameplay are tightly connected. Dormiveglia is our current ongoing project.

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